4/3/16 12:17am

imma do this every sunday because i feel like that is a good time for me to do it & i can reflect on the while week ya know
kells just posted a video of him falling while on a skim board and its great

so my birthday was friday & it was pretty dope dude

i got some new skullcandys cause my old ones broke. i got a record player. a vera bradley clutch bad thing. a stage gift card? & 4 other gift cards from my friends

i still havent gotten everything from my momma yet but im gonna get some adidas flux with the snake print

for some reason, now it isnt showing the number of words but whatever i guess

i had something happen recently with a guy that i kind of like. he kinda problematic tho

i didnt get the mgk x cavs shirt i wanted because it ended before i could get it but my dad was about to buy it for me

ive been thinking recently how i really need a friend that i can hangout with all the time & just go run the streets & do a bunch of crazy shit with them

i gotta go back to school tomorrow which sucks a lot & im also nervous to go back because im scared something might happen regarding a certain person

i had a sleepover with 4 of my friends yesterday & it was really fun

the walkind dead season finale was tonight but i didnt get to watch it because we got home late & it was halfway through the episode

it is starting to feel like summer already & i have all these summer vibes & i just wanna have a raging summer bc that would be hella cool

i hate how some people think they can just do whatever they want because they are adults

im excited because im gonna start bringing my lunch to school everyday because i got a vera bradley lunchbag & its really cute

my cousin gave me this oil for my birthday for joint pain but it also smells really good and it opens up your sinuses

i think im just gonna do 15 little paragraphs per post because i cant see how many words there are and my last post was 27 little paragraphs and it was really long



3/27/16 3:22am

so right now im on spring break & imma be at my aunts house til wednesday

go follow me on twitter. twitter.com/JordanEure

i probably shouldnt be up this late but i havent in a while so screw it

my past post(s) have been to formal or whatever n imma keep it chill from now on

twitter was always something i had but never really got that into. imma start bein on twitter more and doin stuff on there

drink water yall, shits good for ya

super duper kyle concert is wednesday at hob and i really wanna go but i cant but tickets are only $15

mgk needs to come on down to nola so i can see him in concert | i need a mgk/lace up tattoo asap

lifes been rough for me recently cause i lost someone so just keep me in yo thoughts i guess

im tryna work my ass off for them tho

theres this shirt i want from teesprig & its a mgk X cleveland cavs shirt | theres also a g-eazy X sanfran(i think) warriors

im feelin like i should post an update about twice a week. i feel like that would be cool

do you ever like somebody but they hella problematic & your friends dont like them so you afraid to like them. it sucks lemme tell ya

imma be 14 in 4 days so holla at ya gurl on april 1

in the past few weeks i feel like i have glowd up & my selfie game has been on point recently

i dont know how long im gonna make these things. like if i should to a length minimum or nahh

maybe if i did at least 350 or 400 words. that also feels like a lot but i want there to be a lot to read

i should really turn my alarm off but ya know sometimes you just gotta not do things on purpose

alpha omega is gonna go off at 6 in the morning but oh well

at this point 350 or 400 word minimum doesnt seem so bad. maybe because when i wrote that i was at 250

i hope this works out & i hope people read these and feel inspired to live life how they wanna and to do what they wanna do

i hope since imma be in high school next year my dad lets go a little on the restraints and lets me have more freedom

it is so late holy cow i am probably gonna crash after writing this

during the summer i used to stay up all the way to 10 am like i was possesed by the no sleep demon or some shit

& it was every day too. it never came back and hurt me or anything like that. i was perfectly fine i just stayed up really late and eventually passed out

i think i am gonna make each one of these at least 500 words because then it is and even multiple of 5 which makes my brain content

anyway imma sign off here because i need sleep real bad so peace out dudess




So, I have always loved writing about me, my life, the things I like, and the stuff I create. Basically, I love creating, and then sharing my creations. I have tried blogging in the past, but nothing has really worked out because I tried to fit myself into this little box of what kind of blogger I had to be. I realize now that you cannot force yourself to be a perfect little square. To truly be happy with what I produce, I have to just let loose and do it however I want.

This is the beginning of my journey of becoming a teen, and continuing through the teen years. If no one reads this, then no big deal. Knowing this is available to the entire internet for reading oddly makes me more content then writing all of this in a journal that I need to hide somewhere in my room. This is it; this is the real deal.

So, here it will be. All poured out onto this page for your eyeballs to read. Out in the open for absolutely everyone to view. Boy, I hope it’s worth it.